As of this date, September 28, 2021, performance dates will be listed on Facebook the Wall of Gigs site. The Rhythm Kings are back up & running and will perform our first gig since the start of covid this friday evening, 9pm-12 at

Popei's Clam Bar 

451 Middle Country Rd, Coram,

631 696-4029


We look foward to getting back out on the circuit and performing once again.

We have the addition of 3 new Rhythm Kings to introduce in the line-up, Bill Donnelly, drums & Steve "Devil Man" Mueller, sax, both of whom I performed with in the Hackensack Men & The Trenton Horns. and, Matthew Trinkwald, bass. These kats are tremendous players & bring a lot to the table.


Thank you all for sticking around and we look forward to seeing each & every one of you again

The Rhythm Kings are a 60s/70s Soul, Motown, R&B, Blues, Rock, & Reggae style Long Island, NY based band that was established in 1993.  I, Philip Gardner, vocalist/bass/rhythm guitar and one of the origina, l founding members & Chris Hadjopoulos, percussion/background vocals are the rhythm section. Hadj & I were also former members of another popular Long Island band, The Hackensack Men & the Trenton Horns. The newest member of the Rhythm Kings is Don "the bandit" Bansen: guitar/vocals. I had the pleasure of playing with Don 40 years ago. We had a rock band called Travis Wood. He was still in high school and a monster 16 year old guitarist who spent the last 40 years perfecting and honing his skills.  It's great to pal up with Don again and make music that has stood the test of time. In addition, The Rhythm Kings will be featuring new member Andrew Carrig on sax along with some other well known friends of ours, sax players Steve "Devil Man" Mueller. Also recently added is keyboard player, Ed Pisano, who brings a wealth of talent and wonderful vocals to round out our harmonies. The Rhythm Kings look forward to continue seeing you at some of our gigs and always feel welcome to come up, shake hands & say hello. Enjoy the music!!! I also would like to give thanks to my good friend Dave Cobb who initially  formed the band and I was given the privilege of naming it but soon after we got going, he had to bow out and turned the reigns over to me. Thank you, Dave. He and I were in another popular band in the 80s called Lost SoulOnce again, we'd like to thank our fans for supporting us all these years. You are all truly our friends forever.


Years have gone by since we uploaded the site. Hadj & most of his family all relocated to FL this year. The band misses him dearly but we're happy he & family have settled in and he is beginning to work gigging a lot. Things got off to rocky start for him on the music scene but it didn't take long for some local musicians to scoop him up. Ironically, he hooked up with a buddy of mine from NY. what a co-inky-dink.

Anyway, several drummers were auditioned and it turns out that I believed i could fill the void and with the patience of my band members, i have taken over the duties of drumming without ever having taken a lesson. That's the power of positive thinking.

Hope you all like the new site and have fun looking at the photos, maybe you'll spot yourself in some of the pix.

Be safe all. Let's always remember to give, care & pray for each other...

The Rhythm Kings

NEWS FLASH...The Rhythm Kings have added some new music tracks on the site. Some tracks that we think you will really enjoy are originals recorded with another version of the Rhythm Kings in the late 90s. All of the songs were written by our good friend and former Rhythm King's guitarist, Chris Moore. The originals start with Blindsided and end with Medicine ManThe Rhythm Kings produced one cd, Medicine Man, 1999.The band went under a different name for the original project. We were called 25A.  Brother's Keeper is one of the band & crowd's favorite and has even gotten some radio play on WEHM 92.9 & 96.9 FM on the East end.

Also included are some recent live tracks recorded at some of our performances.

Enjoy & give us some feedback on the site. We're always happy to hear from you.

We look forward to having a great summer 2019 performing for you once again.

In addition, we now have the RK Store up and running and we will be selling T-shirts & Tank tops and adding more merchandise in the near future. Purchases can be made thru Paypal