"The Network" Page

I added this page because I have a lot of talented friends and I think it's always good to network and help each other out when we can so feel free to send me any information that you might like to share with others about a particular skill, trade or hobby or whatever...

The Bass Garage/Rich Carrano   
261-8 Skidmore's Road, Deer Park
shop 631 667-1900
cell 631 942-3577
guitar, bass & amp repair
specializing in Vintage Fender Basses
(Rich also is looking to get rid on some parts for a 1961-64 Pontiac)
parts are mostly carbs, generators, engine stuff, some NOS in boxes.
you 'd have to give him a call to find out exactly what he has. He's willing
give a deal and sell it all.

The Lawn Mower Man/Chris
Lawn mower & power equipment repairs
reasonable rates/we pick up & deliver
631 821-5399

If you are looking to relocate, up west , especially the  Brooklyn area, contact:
Mona Skolnick Nardone/Real Estate Agent
718 645-1665/mnardone@madisonestates.com

Pet & House Portraits By Linda
Linda specializes in water color. She is an absolute wonderful artist.
nanlyn5@verizon.net or call 631 484-5466

website:http://paintingsby Linda Hynes.shutterfly.com
(some of Linda's work can also be seen in the photo gallery)


"The Network" Page